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What You Need to Know Dengue Fever Philippines


Dengue fever in the Philippines is a type of illness that is almost the same with a serious case of influenza. This is caused by a certain virus often carried and spread by mosquitoes. 

Many people with dengue fever can recover in just one week. But, there are instances when the infection can also be serious or even fatal in worst-case scenarios.


dengue fever philippines


You can suffer from dengue fever when you get infected by a virus-infected mosquito. Dengue is common in sub-tropical and tropical countries in South America, Africa, and Asia, including the Philippines.


What are the Signs & Symptoms of Dengue Fever


Check the signs and symptoms of Dengue Fever, detect it early before it become severe. Consult a doctor soon if you shows signs of fever, rashes and uncomfort.


How to Prevent Dengue Fever


There is no such thing as a vaccine for dengue fever prevention. But, the best way is to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes. When a family member has dengue, you have to avoid mosquito bites since mosquitoes can spread the infection from person to person.

Here are other simple tips to prevent mosquito bites:


  • Make sure you stay indoor during nighttime and daytime when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Check and drain still or stagnant water around your house on a regular basis. Mosquitoes can breed in stagnant water such as water inside empty containers.
  • Wear covered shoes and long-sleeved clothes.
  • Apply mosquito repellent containing picaridin or DEET.
  • One of The best methods for preventing dengue fever is to stop mosquito entry into the house by installing a quality magnetic insect screen.


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