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Dengue rashes in the Philippines are the unique marker of dengue. As you know, dengue comes with different symptoms. Aside from the appearance of dengue rashes, another symptom is the sudden onset of high fever and pain behind the eyes. Aside from these symptoms, you can also experience loss of appetite, body ache, headache, and immense discomfort during fever.


Dengue Rashes


Aside from the clinical examination of the symptoms, the final confirmation of the disease is through a blood test.


What are Dengue Rashes?


Dengue rashes may surface within 3 to 4 days of dengue fever. This can cover most parts of the body. Rashes are the distinctive symptoms of dengue but there are cases when they may not really manifest at all.


How Do Dengue Rashes Look Like?


These are tiny red pin-head like rashes that look like they are deeply embedded into the skin. You cannot feel these rashes when you run your hand across them.


Are Dengue Rashes Itchy?


There are times when dengue rashes may feel itchy which can then further increase your irritability and discomfort during the fever. When you have itchy dengue rashes Philippines, you may also experience increased sensitivity of the skin together with swelling of soles and palms.


Ways to Prevent Dengue Rashes


To prevent dengue rashes, the first thing you have to do is to of course prevent dengue fever itself. To do so, you have to ensure that you follow simple tips to ward off those pesky mosquitoes.


  • Avoid traveling to places known to have dengue. There are some places with peak times in the year wherein there are higher numbers of dengue-carrying mosquitoes. In addition, there are also several countries that experience unexpected dengue outbreaks. Prior to planning your trip to any country or region, always do your research.
  • Apply mosquito repellents. Many travelers in tropical climates do this all the time but the need to use effective and quality bug repellents can never be stressed enough. It is a must to look for a good insect repellent so that you can prevent contracting serious viruses or diseases.
  • Try to cover up as much as you can. It makes sense to put on lightweight clothing which can cover most parts of your body. In tropical places like the Philippines where it is often humid and hot, travelers don’t do this. However, remember that exposing your skin may only increase your risks of getting bitten by a dengue-carrying mosquito.
  • Use insect or mosquito screens. The use of mosquito and magnetic insect screens is a preventative measure that will surely be worth your money. In a country where mosquitoes are very common, these screens are the best option you can consider.


Just like with most illnesses brought about by mosquito bites, proper and adequate prevention will be able to help you stay away from contamination. People who will travel to places that might have dengue-carrying mosquitoes must never forget to do extensive research ahead of time.

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