DIY Insect Screen


Insect screen must be installed on every window and door of a home or a building in an environment that’s infested by mosquitoes. Installing insect screens will also let you enjoy the fresh air while getting rid of insects including mosquitoes, flies, and bugs. Oftentimes, insect screens are made up of metal wire, synthetic fiber mesh or fiberglass mesh that’s stretch between a frame that’s made of metal or wood. Even if there are several materials ready to make DIY insect screens, it’s not always advisable to make your own unless you are an expert and skilled on this kind of thing.


Prevent Mosquito Bites with Our Insect Screens


The best way to avoid mosquito bites is using insect screens. There are many reasons why you should use these screens and these include the following:

  • One may repair insect screens easily.
  • These screens are almost transparent and aesthetically pleasing.
  • These screens don’t block out much ventilation and sunlight.
  • Insect screens cost next to nothing to maintain and only require occasional cleaning.
  • These are a permanent measure that will let you save lots of insecticides, which isn’t only dangerous to the environment, but to human beings as well.


Types of Insect Screens


Basically, once you shop around the market, there are 2 primary types of insect screens available and these include removable and fixed type.

The fixed type insect screens may be done as simple as using the construction plastic coated green net or mesh available from numerous local hardware shops. A much-sophisticated one would use special woven net materials. Some plastic-coated mesh can be brittle and aren’t suitable for screen making for the reason that they tear easily.

The removable type is woven net materials except it’s first fixed into a specialized PVC trunking and attached to the plastic magnets so they could be removed for cleaning.


What is the Best Insect Screens for Your Needs?


As experts in insect screens, we can help you throughout the process of choosing the right insect screens for you. Even if you think that DIY insect screens are much cheaper, they are not really recommended, especially if you don’t want to end up wasting your time and money.

DIY insect screens are no doubt a good addition to windows and doors. These offer you with full insect protection and enable unobstructed fresh air circulation. Such screens are easy to install and may require some of your time and tools to install them properly. However, if you don’t have much time to do this, you can always rely on the expertise of professionals.

As experts in insect screens, we know the steps involved in installing these screens correctly without consuming your time or making an extra effort. We are also known of the different kinds of insect screens that are suitable for your needs and windows or doors you have. The only thing you should do is to send us a message or give us a call today!


Why Choose Insect Screen Philippines?


Insect Screen Philippines had installed many insect screen windows in most types of property in Metro Manila, Philippines over the years. Residential homes cover Private Condominiums and landed property such as Terrace House, Semi-Detached, Detached or Bungalows.

We also have vast experience with Commercial property that covers Offices, Shops, Factory, Warehouse, Central Kitchen, Education/childcare centers, etc. On top of our expertise and experience, we give you the peace of mind by the following:


  • Competitively priced at 3000 PHP per 2 square meters.
  • Warranty of 1 year
  • The product is Made & Deliver in Philippines Factory
  • Friendly and Excellent support by our specialist


So, give Insect Screen Philippines a call to show you our insect screen solutions for doors and the big benefits that you will get out of this affordable investment!