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Things You Should Be Aware of about Japanese Encephalitis Philippines


Japanese encephalitis is basically a virus in the flavivirus family. Culex mosquitoes pass it on. The virus may infect pigs, horses, and humans. It could result in miscarriage in pigs and encephalitis in horses. The host is the source of the virus and the vector is the one that passes it on.


Japanese Encephalitis Headache Philippines


The wild birds are the natural hosts of Japanese encephalitis and the vectors are the mosquitoes. Vectors don’t cause disease yet pass it on. Once mosquitoes infect animals, the animals could be the virus carrier. When some mosquitoes feed on such animals, they will get the virus and could infect other animals.

Individuals are at high risk in rural areas where viruses are common. Japanese encephalitis is also common around cities and towns. It’s more likely to affect kids since adults in the areas where the virus is endemic become immune once they get older.


Symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis


It could lead to high fever. People with Japanese encephalitis would have no symptoms, yet if there are some symptoms, they’ll appear 5-15 days after getting infected. People who have Japanese encephalitis could only develop fever and headache. However, in some severe cases, many serious symptoms might develop easily.

Some of the possible Japanese encephalitis symptoms include spastic paralysis, stiff neck, vomiting, nausea, tremors, high fever, and headache. People could also undergo changes to brain function such as convulsions in kids, coma, disorientation, and stupor. In addition to that, testicles may swell. The brain symptoms may cause lifelong complications. Some of these are the weakness of the body’s one side, deafness, and uncontrolled emotions. The chance to survive the illness differs, yet the kids could face the highest risk of some fatal consequences.


Treatments for Japanese Encephalitis


When it comes to Japanese encephalitis, there are really no specific treatments that could benefit patients who are suffering from this. However, hospitalization for close observation and supportive care is required. Treatments are symptomatic. Fluids, rest, and the use of medication and pain relievers to lessen fever could relieve symptoms. Never take anything or consider any treatment without the supervision of your doctor. Take note that every Japanese encephalitis patient may have particular needs. Your case might be different from others and some might have a more complicated case. So, always consult your doctor first.


How to Prevent Japanese Encephalitis


Some of the best ways to prevent Japanese encephalitis is through insect repellents and vaccination. An effective and safe vaccine is available to prevent infections. Doctors will provide this as injection over2 doses. The 2nd dose will happen twenty-eight days after the first. An accelerated schedule is possible in which seven days pass between the 2 doses. An accelerated schedule is suitable and safe for people ages 18 to 65.

To prevent mosquitoes that bring Japanese encephalitis, you can also use insect repellents and insect screens. By installing a magnetic insect screen, you can guarantee that you won’t have a problem with mosquito entry.

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