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Mosquito-Borne Diseases in the Philippines


There are a number of common Mosquito-Borne Diseases in the Philippines such as Dengue Fever, Zika, Malaria, Chikungunya & Japanese Encephalitis. When Infected, most of these viruses will not surface with symptoms immediately after a few days. They have similar symptoms such as Fever, Joint or Muscle Pain, Headaches, Vomiting, or Nausea, so it may not be easy to tell which were you infected when the signs started to show.




The best option is to consult a doctor as soon as possible on persistent symptoms for a few days like fever, pain, etc which causes discomfort. It is advisable to seek medical attention, especially children or pregnant women who encounter these conditions.

If you suspect that you were infected with one of these mosquito-borne diseases, one good way is to get lots of rest and drink plenty of liquids. Avoid spreading the disease to other people by preventing more mosquito bites.


How to Prevent Mosquito-Borne Diseases in the Philippines?


As Mosquitoes breed fast in stagnant water, regardless of clean or dirty water, it is crucial to prevent the breeding by taking the following action.


Inside Your House

  • Clear or replace the water in the Flower Vase every alternate day. If you are going on holiday, best to clear the flower and ensure the vase is dry.
  • In the Toilets, keep all containers dry and turn over the containers when not in use.
  • Clear all dish trays to ensure the trays are dry. If you are going away for days, wipe the sink dry to kill any chance of mosquito breeding.


Outside Your House

  • Clear the Drain blockages to ensure no stagnant water.
  • Loosen harden soil in potted plants so water will not be retained at the top surface of the pot.
  • Place insecticides in roof gutters once a month.
  • Rear Fish on Decorative ponds.


The actions above would greatly reduce mosquito breeding and therefore diseases.

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